Surface Preparation

When staining, installing an overlay, repairing or recoating a concrete slab, surface prep is a critical step in the process to ensure the material successfully bonds to the surface. Skipping this time-consuming essential first step usually spells disaster.

How to Protect Your Concrete Work Surface on the Job Site

Each job your company completes is a billboard. Each project says, “Yes, my company is good and worthy of your next decorative project,” or it says, “I’m a work in progress that right now, unfortunately, is not worth the chance.” Few billboards imply anything in between. At the end of […]

Skudo to Offer Educational Course at 2015 World of Concrete

Skudo is a supplier of a variety of temporary surface protection products. The company commits itself to protecting contractors’ work at the highest level of reliability. An educational course, “Protecting Your Work – Finding the Right Surface Protection,” will be presented by Brendon Smith, President of Skudo USA. The 45-minute […]

Complying with OSHA’s Dust Control Regulation

Still struggling with how to meet the federal OSHA’s requirements on protecting your employees from silica dust? You certainly aren’t alone. If you’re waiting for your favorite manufacturer to bail you out with new equipment, it may take a while. Many of them have new products in the works that […]

Cleaning Concrete Correctly is Critical Before Applying Coatings

Preparing concrete correctly before applying a coating helps to ensure the coating’s success. Contractors must carefully evaluate the substrate and its condition to determine what cleaner or degreaser is needed for cleaning concrete. They must also take care in how to properly apply it. “The objective in preparation is to […]

Prepping Your Finished Concrete Surface for a Sealer

Surface preparation is a commonly used term in the decorative concrete industry. An argument can be made that it might even just be the most used term in the industry. We hear or read about it most often when dealing with overlays and stains. Grind, scarify, acid etch, etc.

Exposed Aggregate Meets Imprinted Colored Concrete in a Waterfront Walkway

The decorative surface was going to be troweled and stained. But after Brock was hired, he made another suggestion: a stamping job instead, using the Coquina Stone With Sea Shells feathered texture mat from Proline Stamps. Impressions of shells, sea horses and assorted sea life would improve traction and complement the seaside setting.