Vertical & Carved Concrete

Concrete isn’t just for smooth, horizontal applications anymore. More and more consumers are interested in vertical concrete applications that typically involve specially made mixes carved and colored to resemble natural stone and concrete blocks.

Stained concrete floor with a desk in the middle

Decorative Concrete Finishes for Both Walls and Floors

Imagine the convenience and versatility of decorative concrete finishes that you can apply to either walls or floors. Actually, it’s not a matter for the imagi­nation. Such decorative finishes already exist. A more striking facet of these materials, however, may well be their role in enhancing visual effects in certain […]

Preventative Concrete Coatings Contractors Can Use to Avoid Graffiti

You can’t guarantee that taggers won’t mar your work, but there are protective coatings for graffiti removal you can use to make cleanup easier. A concrete contractor uses stains, washes, paint and textures to give a unique, personal touch to a bare concrete wall. A tagger uses graffiti to do […]