Press Releases

Superabrasive pads for maintenance

Diama-Clean Maintenance Pads from Superabrasive are high-quality diamond-impregnated pads available in a variety of sizes for use under Lavina machines as well as different models of swing machines and burnishers. Diama-Clean pads require only water, not wax or chemicals, and are an environmentally friendly solution for maintaining floors. Diama-Clean are […]

NewLook introduces weatherproofer

NewLook International Inc. has introduced DriveHard, a concrete and masonry weatherproofer and fortifier. The technology of DriveHard has been formulated to create a bond that permanently increases the life span of concrete and masonry. Its proprietary “nano-silicone/silicate” formula densifies, strengthens and makes the intended surface water-repellant by penetrating into and […]