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A polishing machine in a warehouse polishing concrete

Polished Concrete Mockups:
Make Them Count

There are many benefits of doing polished concrete mockups prior to starting a polished concrete job. These include: Seeing the job site firsthand. Learn locations of things like the power, parking, loading and unloading, water, wastewater disposal, dumpster, elevators and lighting, among other things. Learning how hard the concrete. By […]

Why Mock-ups of Polishable Overlays for Concrete Matter

Polishable overlays are a popular alternative to polished concrete where the existing concrete slab isn’t a good candidate for regular polishing. Infilling trenches, patching, spalling and removing existing modular floor coverings often result in a concrete surface that doesn’t meet with customer approval. Additionally, wavy concrete and edge curl will […]

Set Realistic Expectations
for Integrally Colored Concrete

When choosing to use colored concrete on a project, there is very often a discrepancy between the owner’s expectations and the reality of the finished job. Two major reasons for this are that manufacturers’ color charts cannot possibly show the true color, and most contractors fail to adequately explain this to the customer.