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Extend the Life of a Deck Coating Beyond the Industry Standard with Routine Maintenance

The industry standard and rule of thumb for the life cycle of a typical parking garage deck coating is five years. If a contractor says it’s less or says they can’t get any more life out of a deck coating beyond five years, facility managers and owners should look for a different contractor, according to the coating experts at Western Specialty Contractors.

Owner Creates a Precast Concrete Smoking Room in His Yard

Perhaps it was a throwback to his old “smoking in the boy’s room” days but a homeowner in Zurich, Switzerland, yearned to have his own private smoking pavilion in his backyard. Instead of a crowded room filled with rule-breaking teenagers, he wanted a quiet, relaxing place where he could sit back and smoke.

Concrete That Looks Like Wood

New Iberia, Louisiana, located 130 miles from New Orleans, has an elevation of only 20 feet. Wood floors are fine, but in this area prone to flooding, concrete floors are even better. And Keefe Duhon of Concrete Revolution has developed a specialty of concrete floors that look like wood planks, and he’s become known for it across the country.