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aggregate on the surface of concrete

Tournament Players Club Sawgrass Staging Area, Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.

This golf course was going to be on national TV, and its owners wanted it to look good. Decorative concrete helped get it ready for its closeup.

An Orange and Brown High-sheen Acid-stained Concrete Garage Floor

Wheldon stored the Pace Car at a location outside his St. Petersburg, Fla., home, but several years later, he decided to place the Corvette on display as if it were a work of art in his three-car garage. To set the stage, he made plans to turn the garage floor into a masterpiece too. In 2005, race-car driver Dan Wheldon received the first-place title at the Indianapolis 500-Mile Race (also known as the Indy 500) and, along with it, the 2005 Indy 500 Pace Car, a new Corvette convertible.

Nashville Dinner Theatre, Nashville, Tenn.

The historical structure that now houses the Nashville Dinner Theatre has always attracted attention. During Prohibition times, people slyly used a tunnel in the building to transport alcohol to area nightclubs. Today, it attracts crowds for its dinner shows and performances by local vocalists.

Hollywood Plasterer Uses Concrete Overlays to Make Movie Sets

Concrete uses are endless this ship is made from concrete overlays but looks like the real thing on the movie set in Hollywood.

Remember the ship from "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest"? Or the John Harvard statue that students gathered around during the hazing scene in "The Social Network"? What about the boat dock from the Hollywood version of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"?

Beautiful Decorative Concrete Projects In San Diego

Lithomosaic in San Diego sunburst colorful yellows and oranges spoke from the center.San Diego County is known far and wide for its beautiful weather, interesting people and endless summer atmosphere. So it was with great anticipation when San Diego was picked as the site for the 2016 Concrete Decor Show Sept. 25-29 that it was destined to be one showstopper of a show. And all indications point to that premonition coming true.

Maritime Museum Gets a Decorative Concrete Upgrade

Maritime museum with woodplank concrete floorsHurricane proof concrete planks made to look like the original wood floor of the museum were the perfect touch. Durable, easy to clean and homey, the North Caroline Maritime Museum couldn't have asked for a better fit.

The Brick on Trosper, Tumwater, Wash.

A job that began with a mere 80 square feet of overlay snowballed into a decorative concrete transformation — complete with faux hollow tree — for this restaurant and bar.

A Makeover in a Mall Covers Outdated Tile

Trowel & Error: Understanding Our Rocky Relationship with Overlays
Artisan in Concrete: Paul Huneck, Hudson Concrete, NYC

Hudson Concrete Marc Jacobs fashion show

Easy to use Breathable Epoxy Coatings

Large roller applicator for concrete overlays. Vexcon Chemicals PowerCoat OneVexcon Chemicals Inc., which has manufactured epoxies under the PowerCoat brand for more than 15 years, has become the first company to introduce breathable epoxies to the market.

Why is My Concrete Deck Overlay Failing, But Only Where It's Exposed to the Elements?

I have an exterior raised wooden deck that has a cement-based overlay applied to the top. The area that is under roof is fine, but the area that is outside is failing.I have an exterior raised wooden deck that has a cement-based overlay applied to the top. The area that is under roof is fine, but the area that is outside is failing.

Graffiti Shield Coating at Quest
A Colorful Transformation of a Transit Stop Using LithoMosaic Designs

Decorative concrete on a bus stop“The imagery was kind of inspired by the playfulness of the site,” Lucking says. “It’s like psychedelic cactuses, which is what Fourth Avenue is like.” They decided Lucking would execute the design in a mosaic on the pavement, and Goldlust would render it as cutouts in the station’s steel benches and partitions.

A New Concrete Overlay Scores Points at a Sacramento Ballpark

Teamwork, expertise and a carefully picked set of products were the secrets to success during a recent concourse floor coating job at Raley Field, home of Sacramento’s minor-league baseball team, the River Cats.

3 Tips: Using Tape with Decorative Concrete Overlays

Tape marks left on an concrete overlay after coloring with concrete stain and how to removed the tape marks.After painstakingly laying out a grout pattern for your acrylic overlay, meticulously masking and re-masking surrounding areas, and then spraying or troweling in just the right color and texture scheme, you stand back and admire your handiwork, and the job looks great.

Troweled Toppings

When you want the look of handmade craftsmanship, nothing beats a hand-troweled finish.

Fast Install of Microtoppings in Old Building Pushes Concrete Contractor to the Limit

Concrete floor with cementitious overlays

Concrete Artists Get a Chance to Create Their Decorative Concrete Dream Project

A 3-D painted concrete fish pond in a restaurant lounge makes and elegant appearance.

In the decorative concrete world, that can’t happen as easily. You get one shot at doing everything right. The interior and exterior must match, have the right scale and the right detail. While the daily work gets done, a part of you dreams to find that one client who changes your portfolio forever.

Great American Ball Park Dugout Roofs, Cincinnati, Ohio

Decorative concrete does its part to help make the Cincinnati Reds ballpark red.

National September 11 Memorial Fountains, New York City

Construction of the National September 11 Memorial was progressing on schedule to meet its target Sept. 11, 2011, grand opening date, when a big problem emerged concerning the twin fountains and reflecting pools built within the footprints where the North and South towers once stood.

Concrete Overlays for Wood Surfaces Create The Ultimate Makeover

Mockups are indispensable. And trainings, which are widely available throughout the country, aren't a bad idea either. Tips for putting a polymer-modified cementitious overlay on top of a wood surface.

Restoring High Traffic Areas Using Concrete Overlays

The floors of this 80,000-square-foot outdoor mall on the island of Kauai were patchy, cracked and worn out. One sweeping restoration changed everything.