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Concrete Overlays & Toppings

A Colorful Transformation of a Transit Stop Using LithoMosaic Designs

Decorative concrete on a bus stop“The imagery was kind of inspired by the playfulness of the site,” Lucking says. “It’s like psychedelic cactuses, which is what Fourth Avenue is like.” They decided Lucking would execute the design in a mosaic on the pavement, and Goldlust would render it as cutouts in the station’s steel benches and partitions.

A Volcanic Concrete Floor at the Discovery Children's Museum

Nightclub in Arizona's Wild Horse Pass Casino

You can bet your boots that it wasn’t easy to overlay the three glittering, aggregate-spiked ramps that lead down from the VIP lounge to the dance floor in the nightclub of the Wild Horse Pass Casino.

A New Concrete Overlay Scores Points at a Sacramento Ballpark

Wayfinding Colors on a Dentist's Floor

Decorative microtopping concrete floor

Graffiti Shield Coating at Quest
Epoxy Floor Coating & Logo at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas

Concrete contractors work on detailing for the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas using a stencil over epoxy coatings.

In a city where pawn shops are a dime a dozen, one pawn shop in particular is becoming legendary. Located off the Strip in downtown Las Vegas, the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop is the setting for the History channel’s “Pawn Stars,” a reality show documenting the antics of pawn business veterans

New Ardex thin-set mortar for setting mosaics and tile
Tournament Players Club Sawgrass Staging Area, Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.

This golf course was going to be on national TV, and its owners wanted it to look good. Decorative concrete helped get it ready for its closeup.

Formula One Race Course Map Polyaspartic Garage Floor

The new Atlanta Motorsports Park in north Georgia is billed as the home of the The new Atlanta Motorsports Park in north Georgia is billed as the home of the “100 mph lunch,” where high-end owners of high-performance sports cars can channel their inner Andretti on a custom-designed, two-mile race-type course authored by the renowned Formula One architect Hermann Tilke.

Hot Trends: Concrete Repair & Restoration

Hot new brush for concreteAre you in decorative concrete and looking for more work? I bet you are, and if so, I have some good news. Let's listen to Dan’s auto repair business.

The Brick on Trosper, Tumwater, Wash.

A job that began with a mere 80 square feet of overlay snowballed into a decorative concrete transformation — complete with faux hollow tree — for this restaurant and bar.

How We Installed Overlay Over a Wood Deck

The Four Types of Overlays and How to Choose One

The Beauty of Troweled Overlays

Concrete contractors troweling a large floor expanse.

Like an artist's paintbrush on canvas, the trowel can create a wide variety of effects on overlays.

Sometimes there's no better way to finish a cementitious topping than to get down on your hands and kneeboards and go to town with a trowel.

Scofield Decorative Concrete Awards

Artistic Concrete Grand Prize Winner

MedAmerica Billing Services Inc. Modesto, Calif.
Concrete Decor Show pro bono endeavors brighten stay for families of the ailing

heart lithomosiac on concrete floor with swirl design

Concrete Decor Show pro bono endeavors brighten stay for families of the ailing
At the seventh annual Concrete Decor Show in San Diego, California, world-class instructors and eager students from around the globe joined their talents and enthusiasm to breathe new life into the outdoor surroundings of the Bannister Family House, which provides a home-like environment for people with family members in long-term or critical care at the nearby UC San Diego Health.

Concrete Questions: Can You Make Cracked Concrete Overlay-Friendly?

Can Cracked Concrete Be Repaired with an Overlay?

National September 11 Memorial Fountains, New York City

Cutting-edge Decorative Concrete Takes Center Stage in Las Vegas
One Day Stain Offers Quick Return-to-Service Time

Phoenix restaurant features a floor colored with iCoat's One Day Stain in medium gray with a brown accent. The area seen here at the hostess stand near the restaurant entrance is where a red-colored slab placed in 1957 meets up with a new pour.One Day Stain from iCoat eliminates down time with a quick turnaround from start to finish.

Hollywood Plasterer Uses Concrete Overlays to Make Movie Sets

Concrete uses are endless this ship is made from concrete overlays but looks like the real thing on the movie set in Hollywood.

Remember the ship from "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest"? Or the John Harvard statue that students gathered around during the hazing scene in "The Social Network"? What about the boat dock from the Hollywood version of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"?

Product Focus: Concretivity, from Couture Concrete Systems
Concrete Overlay Is A Big Part of College's New Design

concrete overlay, CTS Rapid Set