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Quick Release Block Forms for Creating Concrete Landscape Blocks

The Quick Release Block Form can create varying options of blocks.

Design Pro of Duluth, MN, offers an array of decorative block forms into which excess concrete can be poured. Versatile V-interlock, Knob-Style and Terra-Crete large landscape blocks are Compact and easy to use, the Quick Release Form Block Tool is an important tool to have at the ready.available in sizes ranging from 1/4 cu. yd. thru 1 cu. yd. With Design Pro's Quick Release Block Forms feature quick release clamps, welded-in rebar lift point insert and reinforced sidewalls on all six foot long forms to prevent bowing. Durable urethane rubber. Simply place the liner into the bottom of the form before concrete placement and remove the liner from the finished block after stripping.

For more information contact Design Pro at toll free (888) 728-9481 or visit the Design Pro Web site.

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