Building with Concrete

As sustainable as it is durable, concrete offers an endless array of cost-effective possibilities and versatile results for residential and commercial buildings

New Cement Can Contribute to a More Sustainable World

In decorative concrete, a common question is, “Is it form before function, or function before form?” This question is more complex now — despite the answer, consumers ask if the construc­tion materials used are sustainable. Is there such a thing as a low-carbon swimming pool, a low-carbon counter­top or an environmentally friendly polished concrete floor?

Not Just Another Skate in the Park

When members of the Sioux City Skateboard Association lost their good friend Andrew Langin to brain cancer in January 2017, they wanted to do something to honor him. The 40-year-old single father of 13-year-old Sophie was an avid skateboarder, a “bad-ass drummer” and an amazing metal sculptor who had touched so many people’s lives in a good way.