Concrete Countertops

Precast or poured on-site, concrete countertops can be made in a wide array of colors, finishes and textures in any shape imaginable with endless embed options, imprinted features and edge treatments.

Concrete countertop gets new life with sealer

How a Sealer Gets New Life in the Decorative Concrete Industry

Southwestern Paint and Supply’s Hydro Guard, a sealer designed 22 years ago for secondary containment of chemicals and for sealing exterior stucco, has been discovered in recent years by decorative concrete fabricators who appreciate its thinness and praise its stain resistance and durability.

Scent, Inlays, and Human Cremains, All in one Concrete Countertop

Concrete artisans are adept at dovetailing different techniques to amplify the impact of their finished work. Bill Kulish, owner of Quintechs LLC in Wilmington, Del., had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity last year to combine a couple of the special effects described in this feature (and a couple that aren’t) in a highly personal kitchen counter.