Although concrete is a basic building material that has been in use since early civilization, it’s a constantly evolving product that continues to amaze people with its unending uses and technical advances. From concrete that cleans or mends itself to mixtures that create a translucent material or bendable segments, concrete and technology have joined forces to constantly improve construction methods and materials.

Counter-Flo Concrete Countertop Admixture: A Water Reducer

Counter-Flo Concrete Countertop Admixture, an admixture from Fritz-Pak Corp., is intended to solve that problem. It’s a water reducer designed for use when creating concrete countertops and statuary. It helps concrete maintain an adequate flow rate with less water, allowing a contractor to lower the amount added to a mix.

Harness the Power of an Effective E-newsletter

When it comes to communicating with your customers, electronic newsletters are a powerful tool to highlight your expertise and experience. Since we live in a society in which most of us are glued to our phones even when we are out of the office, a well-designed newsletter can be an effective means to quickly continue to strengthen your brand.