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The Power of Diamond Grit

Upgrade to Lavina propane and electric concrete grinders One of the largest lighting manufacturers in North America has recently moved its product development to a 132,000-square-foot building in Atlanta, Georgia, and the company chose polished concrete as the most cost-efficient and easy to maintain flooring option.

Match the Mix with the Right Equipment

Match the Mix with the Right EquipmentToo often mixing decorative overlays becomes an afterthought or path of least resistance process. This is the drill and paddle I have used for years, so it must be OK. Worse yet, and I am guilty of this, those of us on the training and manufacturing side default to whatever mixer is provided when we show up for a product demonstration.

Chris Sullivan
Oct 27, 2017
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Follow the Duck and You'll Find Lunch

French kindergarten features concrete paths with wayfinding paw printsAs part of a public kindergarten renovation project in Villemomble, France, the town approached Eqiom Bétons to present samples of finishing possibilities for the Joseph Gallieni School’s outside pathways. And, in the end, the project turned out just ducky.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Oct 10, 2017
Companies Donate Materials and Time to Help Homeless Families

Companies Donate Materials and Time to Help Homeless FamiliesInspired by the pro bono work done on the Bannister House last year during the Concrete Decor Show in San Diego, Jodi Cain of Quest Building Products began looking for ways she and her fellow employees could use their skills and services to give back to their community in Southern California.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Oct 13, 2017
Close Encounter with Concrete: Michael Littlefield, Mélange Studio

Exposed gears on the side of a concrete side table with exposed aggregate.Once 5-year-old Michael Littlefield touched uncured concrete, he couldn't keep his hands off it. Today, his obsession is his livelihood.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Jun 2, 2007
Family comes First for JAF-Co Concrete

When customers tour the center, Fettig still gets the same buzz that he did in the early days in Las Vegas.Beautiful work, a comprehensive show-room and attention to the well-being of his crew have brought success to Joe Fettig and his wife Betsy.

Susan Brimo-Cox
Oct 15, 2006
Quick Imprint Liners: Reusable Form Liners for Many Concrete Applications

The reusable concrete form liner seen here can be used for a variety of applications, tilt-up, down cast and even vertical precast pours.Quick-Imprint creates a reusable form liners — for tilt-up, downcast, and vertical precast pours — enabling an imprint finish on both sides of the walls.

Jun 29, 2004
Choosing a Nonslip Additive for Your Floor Coating

Don't Slip,
Get a Grip

Choosing a nonslip additive for your floor coating


Peter Collins
Apr 30, 2013
San Antonio Decorative Concrete: The Alamodome


Contractor: Stone Care of Texas,  San Antonio, Texas

Stone Care of Texas, based in San Antonio, was called upon to restore the flooring to its original state and provide a low-maintenance solution.

Feb 19, 2012
Concrete Stenciling Fresh-poured Vertical Surfaces

Vertical Stenciled Concrete can be a neat way to bring your design upwardsIf you are stenciling fresh-poured concrete there may be vertical surfaces you also want to stencil, such as step fronts or the lips around the edge of a patio where you may want the pattern to roll over the edge. Various contractors use different techniques to tackle these challenging surfaces.

Jun 2, 2004
In search of new revenue? Offer resealing as an option as part of your bid

What if I told you that you could get paid over and over again for a project you completed a year or two ago. Would you be interested? No, this isn’t some slick marketing idea or even a take-off of a multilevel marketing or pyramid scheme. Rather, this is working smarter not harder with a fair amount of common sense mixed in.

Greg Iannone
Apr 9, 2017
Wayfinding Colors on a Dentist's Floor

Decorative microtopping concrete floor

Joe Maty
Decorative Concrete Tip: Make Your Concrete Work Stand Out

Concrete design with a one-of-a-kind look makes your work stand out.To make your concrete more distinctive, learn to think out of the box. The trick is to make your work unique and true to you. Put a signature on it.

Lee Levig
Jun 10, 2004
Decorative Concrete Tips: Complete Estimates are an Essential Part of the Job

The Importance of EstimatingFor the decorative concrete contractor — or any contractor — the estimating stage of any project is critical. Here at the Renew-Crete Systems training seminars, I stress the importance of a complete and thorough estimate.

Joe Francis
Mar 14, 2003
Cutting Pictures in Concrete with Diamonds - Engrave-A-Crete

A sophisticated design on a concrete floor made by cutting a series of straight lines into the floor.A sophisticated design on a concrete floor made by cutting a series of straight lines into the floor.

Aug 16, 2003
Strong Visuals Add Extra Jolt to Espresso Bar

Joe Maty
An Epic Hardscape in the Hills

Restored decorative concrete garage and driveway.

Joe Maty
Are You Ready to Be a Project Manager?

Concrete installation project manager

Mark Celebuski
Overlapping Concrete Texture Skins Produces that Natural Look

Concrete Seamless Stamp Mat - Italian Marble from Expressions Ltd. imitate the irregular patterns of real stone.Producing concrete that mimics natural stones is art in a cementatious medium and overlapping texture skins is one of the crucial techniques. Completely counter to the precise alignment of stamps, skins must be placed randomly so their impressions imitate the irregular looks of natural stone materials.

Dave Cagle
Jul 16, 2001
Superior Stenciling

From rugs to logos: Several examples of one of decorative concrete’s most proven, versatile treatments.

Kelly O'Brien
Aug 8, 2009
Cement, Aggregate and Reinforcement in Concrete Countertops

Countertop concrete is not your grandfather’s concrete. It requires new approaches to the basic elements of mix design and reinforcement. This in-depth look takes you inside the bag.

Amy Johnson
Sep 17, 2008
Concrete Restoration Contest 2007

They hail from North Carolina, South Dakota, Arizona and California. They brought new life to an elementary school, an amphitheatre, a museum and a front porch. Meet this year's winners of our second annual Concrete Restoration Contest.

Rob Spiegel