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2017 Concrete Decor Show

2017 Concrete Decor ShowHeld at the sprawling Innisbrook Resort and Golf Club just north of Tampa in Palm Harbor, Florida, it drew participants from around the world to partake in workshops held on the resort premises, a full roster of educational seminars and panels, and a two-day exposition that featured power trowel polishing and artisans demonstrating decorative vertical applications.

Jan 22, 2018
Terrazzo Artistry Delivers Glitz to McCarran Terminal

Not Just Another Skate in the ParkLas Vegas’ McCarran Airport put its money down in a bet on a vibrant, colorful and imaginative new look for the airport’s Terminal 1 ticketing and baggage claim area.

Joe Maty
Jan 22, 2018
2017 Concrete Decor Show Leaves Lasting Marks on Florida Resort

2017 Concrete Decor Show Leaves Lasting Marks on Florida ResortDuring the 2017 Concrete Decor Show, the resort was buzzing with people talking about the improvements that were transforming the grounds and some of the facilities on the resort. From pools and walkways to countertops and floors, projects were conducted by seasoned professionals and completed by novices and decorative concrete veterans alike.

Jan 22, 2018
Backyard Beach Pool Design

Around the pool, Lacker experimented with a beach design that he planned to recreate at the Dolphin Mall in Miami. He applied an overlay over the area around the pool and created an ocean blue both in the pool and around it, using SuperStone integral blue color in the overlay and blue SuperStone dyes on the surface.Around the pool is a beach design GLC3 planned for the Dolphin Mall in Miami. He applied an overlay and created an ocean blue both in the pool and around it, using SuperStone integral blue color in the overlay and blue SuperStone dyes on the surface.

Jul 17, 2006
Decorative Concrete Remains a Sure Bet in Las Vegas

Stained stenciled concrete floor takes on the look of Grand Canyon running through this high end restaurant in Las Vegas.Throughout the nation's gambling capital, signs of rejuvenation are unfolding as tourists with a bit more spending money check in, investors' interest returns and locals get back to work.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Jan 17, 2015
A Round Concrete Chair Becomes Part of Design

Luna Loungers, round concrete chairsJustin Brown, owner of 2Stone Designer Concrete in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, had the idea for Luna Loungers for quite a while. “It’s basically a round take on a square chair,” he says. He finally made the idea into something tangible.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Vertical Concrete Overlays: Decorative and Durable

Vertical concrete overlays - Designs are unlimited. By stamping or carving, contractors can create geometric patterns, complicated forest scenes and even faux dinosaur fossils. A huge range of colors is available using integrals or acid stains.Owners of commercial and retail establishments are discovering the benefits of beautiful, easy-to-clean concrete walls.

Mike Dawson
Aug 25, 2005
Listening to Your Customers Pays Off in the End

Listening to your audienceBeing successful in business, as in life, is knowing when to be right, and when to allow the other person their thoughts and views, especially when the “other” person is a potential or existing customer.

Peter Wagner, CSI
May 8, 2007
10 Favorite Concrete Decor Magazine Covers

From day one, we put a lot of thought into the covers for each issue of Concrete Decor magazine. Because it isn’t available on newsstands, we don’t have to try to appeal to the average grocery shopper standing in line, but we definitely want our cover images to be attention-grabbing.


ASCC's Decorative Concrete Council Names Winners of 2015 Competition

Award Winning Decorative Concrete

Unpredictable yet Beautiful - Meet Concrete Acid Stains

The familiar mottled patterns of these stains are still in demand. What's more, contractors have new ways to try for that look.The familiar mottled patterns of these stains are still in demand. What’s more, contractors have new ways to try for that look.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Mar 18, 2009
Concrete "Stone" and Sand Finishes in a Beach-themed Backyard

Concrete in a Beach Themed Backyard created using existing concrete.A backyard is dominated by a swimming pool with waterfalls, a rocky cliff look, and lots of concrete from the 1980s — far too much to remove the existing concrete and redo everything and is ready to be transformed.

Chris Mayo
Mighty Metallics

Thanks to new products and growing consumer interest, metallic-infused concrete coatings have everyone’s attention

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Jul 9, 2012
Artisan in Concrete: Richard Winget, Authentic Environments

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Diving Into Decorative Concrete Commercial Projects

Integrally colored concrete in a commercial parking lot.Thousands of contractors use decorative concrete in commercial projects because it is attractive, durable, affordable and easy to maintain. This article is about the explosion in commercial decorative work and how it may benefi t your company

Acrylic Textured Overlay on a US Naval Base Pool Deck

To accommodate the lack of food and fluids in the 120-degree heat, the Muslim crew members would take an hour break every two to three hours. Acknowledging that the project was a logistical challenge — beginning with an eight-hour time difference between Texas and Bahrain — Sundek personnel also saw it as an opportunity to show their patriotism and support for the men and women fighting for our country.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Apr 19, 2012
Communication with Questions

Clipart of two people communicating using questions. A sales person needs to know about the person prior to selling a product or project. Sound intelligent.

Asking the right questions will help you truly connect with your customer.

Ken Lundin
Dec 9, 2002
Never Neglect Personal Safety Gear on a Concrete Construction Job Site

Personal protection importance from silica dust on a concrete construction job site. Photo courtesy of @thepinktoxinsThe concrete has cured for at least 28 days, the surface has been cleaned thoroughly, and the contractor is ready to start applying the acid stain. Or, is he? Did he prepare to do the job safely? Is he wearing the proper personal protection?

Tammy Fulton
Jul 8, 2001
Decorative Concrete in the Greater Indianapolis Area: Automobile Museum in Auburn Replaces Waxed Floor with Polished System

Dancer’s company, Dancer Concrete Design, offered another solution to waxing the scuffed-up floor in the events center — polished concrete.

Vanessa Salvia
Recognizing Artistry: The 2011 ASCC DCC Awards

The Decorative Concrete Council, a specialty council of the American Society of Concrete Contractors, St. Louis, Mo., has announced the winners of its third annual decorative concrete awards competition.

Feb 11, 2011
T.B. Penick & Sons Inc., San Diego, Calif.

This venerable contractor has given decorative concrete its own specialized division, plus a “candy store.”

Rob Spiegel
Jun 19, 2008