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Concrete: Guaranteed to Crack

concrete does crackConcrete is going to crack and contractors should be prepared to handle certain issues when they happen.

David Stephenson
Apr 16, 2018
2017 Scofield Decorative Concrete Award Winners

Cresting wave concrete precast to ward off ocean wave power."Innovation" was the word of the day for Scofield’s 10th annual Decorative Concrete Awards which were presented during the 2018 World of Concrete in Las Vegas. Grand prize-winning “Scofie” projects in six categories were unique in their design and execution, with several recipients pushing the limits of their experience to try new things.

Church Street Gym Revived with Concrete Overlay

A little-known fact about New Castle, Indiana, (for everyone not a Hoosier) is that it's home to the world's largest high school gymnasium. Basketball fever is so rampant in this small town of 18,000 that the community raised the money needed to build a high school gym that seats 9,325 spectators.A little-known fact about New Castle, Indiana, (for everyone not a Hoosier) is that it’s home to the world’s largest high school gymnasium. Basketball fever is so rampant in this small town of 18,000 that the community raised the money needed to build a high school gym that seats 9,325 spectators.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Concrete Industry Slowly Incorporating Software Programs

Concrete industry slowly incorporating software programsLet’s face it. People who go into the trades aren’t the types who want to spend time sitting in an office in front of a computer. It’s no surprise that construction, along with agriculture, has been one of the slowest segments to adopt technological innovations into the workplace.

K. Schipper
Sep 8, 2017
Art Collector Begins Stenciling Concrete Counters and Tables

Fabien Mené, a French native and art collector, never thought he’d find himself working in decorative concrete. It all started after studying art at the Charles de Gaulle University— Lille III. The idea of creating stenciled tables came to him after making bar counters in a class and wondering if he could add a stencil to the bottom of a casing.

Jacqueline Valle
Concrete Solutions Spray-Top: Faster than a Concrete Finisher

Spraying concrete with a finisherFaster than a concrete finisher but more powerful than a cementitious overlay. It is able to cover surfaces with only one coat. It’s Spray-Top, a super new product from Concrete Solutions Inc.

Dec 8, 2001
Keep Your Concrete Pliable with the Right Aggregate

Aggregate used in concrete close-up. What type of concrete is the best choice for a concrete mix?Experts offer some rock-solid advice. Any concrete mix is an attempt to balance cost, placeability and setting time while maintaining the necessary qualities of strength and durability.

Gail Elber
Jun 1, 2003
UV Light Cured Coatings Fast and Prosperous

UV light being used to cure a coating on a concrete test slab. courtesy of great deal of Scott Harrison’s work involves large facilities, so he understands the importance of being able to do a lot in a limited amount of time.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Jan 14, 2016
Is Your Decorative Concrete Business a Well-Kept Secret?

Is your decorative concrete business a well kept secret?Please take a second to answer this question, because ignoring it could very well cost you a lot of money. Are you a well-kept secret?

Doug Carlton
Feb 21, 2011
Embedding and Imprinting Objects in Concrete

Imprinted brass gears in concrete Whether it's knick-knacks or corporate logos, embedding or imprinting objects into concrete gives an unmistakably addition to the home or business. Here are some tips on how to add this finishing touch to an interior or exterior project.

Gail Elber
Nov 4, 2003
Small Stamped Concrete Project Turned Large

Stamped concrete patio with pergola and fire pit in muted slate colors.What began as the customer’s modest plan for a concrete slab to go under a jumbo-sized hot tub morphed into a three-tier, 2,700-square-foot stamped concrete patio that integrates a spa with two other focal points: an eating area with wood pergola to house an outdoor kitchen, and a recessed fire-pit area with sitting wall.

Joe Maty
Jun 6, 2013
Concrete Overlays are Limited Only by the Boundaries We Create

Step by step process of an overlay concrete floor with acid etch stainA step by step process of an overlay concrete floor with an acid etch stain process.

Mar 17, 2003
Low Maintenance Overlay Product That Contains Flecks of Real Marble

A closer look at MarbleCrete that contains real marble flecks.Imagine an overlay product that contains beautiful flecks of marble and at the same time can be easily matched to any color and is low-maintenance. That’s exactly what the folks at MarbleCrete Mix Inc. had in mind when they produced their signature product nearly two years ago.

Kellie K. Speed
Sep 17, 2008
Publisher's Letter - February/March 2018

Letter from the Publisher Feb/March 2018 Concrete Decor magazine.If you’re like me, the Weather App is getting a lot of attention as these dreary winter days continue. And darn if it isn’t snowing outside — AGAIN! The bright side is at least the days are getting longer.

Bent Mikkelsen
Mar 13, 2018
Countertops Over Oceanside

The general contractor wanted the least amount of weight on the roof as possible, while the client wanted custom pieces that incorporated the bar tops and backsplashes as seamless unitsThe Montego is a three-story condominium building in Oceanside, Calif., that offers roof access for its residents to relax or entertain. The building is a couple of blocks from Oceanside Pier, so the rooftop overlooks the beach. Sounds idyllic, right?

Oct 6, 2010
Decorative Concrete Tips: The Two-Day Pour

Matching up two concrete pours can be a challenge. Learn some trips to a successful two-day pour.Some large projects will require more than one pour to complete. Whether you are doing an overlay or stamped concrete, matching in to the previous days work is very important. Having a project look uniform from start to finish, will lessen headaches, make happier customers and sell more work.

Joe Francis
Jan 4, 2002
Concrete Polishing Problems Start with Placement

Spiked concrete roller also known as a porcupine roller used for concrete overlaysAn overlay installation starts with the product in powder form being mixed with a specific amount of cold water. Right after it’s poured or pumped onto the floor you use a gauge rake to set the thickness you want the self-leveling overlay to be.

Jul 4, 2013
Celestial Heights Parking Garage, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Hong Kong is home to what is billed as the largest quarter-inch stamping job in the world — 600,000 square feet of lines, arrows, and numbers that help condo dwellers park in style.

Natasha Chilingerian
Nov 11, 2009
The Toy Box, Modesto, Calif.

A checkerboard-patterned floor was a natural choice for sprucing up the private garage of a racing enthusiast.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Jul 8, 2010
Remaking Rocketown

A Nashville youth center gets a  decorative concrete makeover as part of  the 2011 Concrete Decor Show & Spring Training

Emily Dixon
Apr 9, 2011