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Dan Lynch Concrete Floors Marrero, Louisiana

Dan Lynch Concrete Floors Marrero, LouisianaDan Lynch, a concrete artisan known for his concrete floors that look like wood, grew up in Southern Louisiana, near New Orleans, with five sisters, three brothers and a father who did concrete work. In his N’awlins drawl, Lynch says he’s “53 years young,” and he’s the only one of his siblings who still does concrete work.

Vanessa Salvia
Dec 11, 2017
WOC 2018: Mall of Concrete is Shaping Up

WOC 2018: Mall of Concrete is Shaping UpVisitors to World of Concrete 2018 in Las Vegas Jan. 23-26 will have a chance to get better acquainted with a unique form of, well … concrete forms. The Omaha, Nebraska-based Fox Blocks, a division of Airlite Plastics Co., will provide the wall system for the Mall of Concrete at Decorative Concrete LIVE!

K. Schipper
Dec 8, 2017
Hashtags: What They Are and How to Use Them Effectively

Hashtags: What They Are and How to Use Them EffectivelyDo you remember the last time you saw a hashtag? Chances are it was in the last hour but at least sometime today, and it may not have even been on a social network. Hashtags are everywhere these days, from your favorite TV show to highway billboards. As such, they can and should be a part of your social media strategy. The key is using them effectively.

Lindsey Congeni
Dec 8, 2017
Choosing the Right Floor Sealer

Bob Harris sealing a concrete floorPenetrating or film-forming, water-based or solvent-based, your sealer is just as important as any other element of your project. Here’s a guide for sorting through your options — plus tips on some clever effects you can create with them.

Amy Johnson
Dec 18, 2008
Delux Roller Tools to Enhance the Grout Lines of Imprinted Concrete

Using a roller to enhance grout lines makes imprinted concrete really pop.A new roller tool to enhance the grout lines of imprinted concrete.

Oct 9, 2001
American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC)

ASCC/DCC logoOnce the general public realized there could be more to concrete than broom finishes and exposed aggregate, they wanted it; contractors and suppliers hurried to meet the demand.

Jul 6, 2001
Pneumatic Chip-broadcast Hopper Gun

mica chip broadcasting hand held tool. Pneumatic chip broadcasting tool.Traditionally, when decorative or specialty flooring contractors wanted to broadcast decorative vinyl color chips or colored quartz onto a horizontal or vertical surface, they preferred doing it by hand.

Feb 20, 2007
Customer Service Continues Long After the Concrete Dries

three river rocks dressed upProblems two years later? The timeline for customer service has no limits.
In this age of customer service, you should never turn your back on a client with a problem.

Larry Ross
Oct 18, 2006
Going Green With Your Concrete Countertops

NuCrete and EarthCrete

People are looking to go green in their homes and businesses, and not just through energy-efficient appliances or solar power. This company pushes their green practices by offering lines of concrete mixes that employ recycled materials but are as versatile as regular concrete.

Robert S. Johnson
Apr 1, 2008
Choosing the Right Concrete Sealer

Sealed concrete gives this retail establishment a very bright reflectionOne of the challenges for a high quality architectural concrete installation is the selection of the right sealer. From chemical staining, discoloring, and the day-to-day abuses these surfaces receive, choosing a sealer can make or break the entire project. So, what do you need to look for in a sealer, and how do you match the right sealer to your type of project and environment?

Craig Park
Dec 12, 2001
Busting Some Common Decorative Concrete Myths

A wooden spoon holding a mound of baking soda. From a look at some of the most common myths, mistakes, and just plain wrong practices the decorative concrete industry has embraced as commonplace.

Chris Sullivan
Sep 15, 2009
Does Polishing Concrete Floors Count as Recycling

A large warehouse with men working on the polishing of the floor instead of covering the concrete with another flooring option.Contractors who restore concrete floors give new meaning to the phrase "green thumb."
A concrete floor is a renewable resource.

Peter Wagner, CSI
Jan 21, 2007
Decorative Concrete Dangers, Part 1: Surviving the Slowdown

Caution - "Decorative Dangers": The housing market slowdown, and how to survive it.  Keeping your decorative concrete business profitable during periods of economic slowdown."Decorative Dangers": The housing market slowdown, and how to survive it.  Keeping your decorative concrete business profitable during periods of economic slowdown.

Doug Carlton
Jan 22, 2007
Easy to use Breathable Epoxy Coatings

Large roller applicator for concrete overlays. Vexcon Chemicals PowerCoat OneVexcon Chemicals Inc., which has manufactured epoxies under the PowerCoat brand for more than 15 years, has become the first company to introduce breathable epoxies to the market.

Jan 14, 2007
Control Finish, from Fritz-Pak Corp.

Fritz-Pak Control Finish used in Texas on concrete borderExterior decorative concrete projects lend themselves well to areas of the country with warm, dry climates where the client can enjoy their outdoor space year-round. Unfortunately warm temperatures can also impact the workability of concrete.

Emily Dixon
Sep 4, 2012
A Father and Son Decorative Concrete Team: MB Concrete Systems Inc.

36,000 square feet of elaborate hand-tooled rock faces and packed-dirt-looking horizontal finishes at the Cars Land area of Disneyland, is a perfect example of the Disney experience.For father-and-son team Marshall Barabasch Sr. and Jr., concrete is not just a job, it’s a vocation. As president and vice president (respectively) of MB Concrete Systems Inc., they power their company with a shared passion for the business, craft and artistry of decorative concrete.

Kelly O'Brien
Jan 24, 2013
Recipe: Monolithic Planter Boxes with Benches

Structures like these - with a smooth, weathered surface and a nature-inspired pattern, cast in relief - have the power to turn unused sidewalk space into a lush roadside minipark.Structures like these - with a smooth, weathered surface and a nature-inspired pattern, cast in relief - have the power to turn unused sidewalk space into a lush roadside minipark.

Randall Klassen
Oct 15, 2010
Starting the First Cut on a Concrete Slab

Exposing aggregate in a concrete floor

Jennifer A. Faller
Product Focus: Rztore from Concrete Earth LLC

Across the country stamped concrete jobs are beginning to show wear. To help restore the worn surfaces, Concrete Earth LLC has developed a three-step system to re-color, accent and seal previously installed jobs. Rztore (pronounced restore) is a fast, efficient system that revives old stamped concrete and return it to foot traffic in as little as eight hours.

Aug 9, 2011
Business & Industry: When Contractors Assume the Role of a Design Consultant

Working with designers as a consultant allows you to influence the specs of your project.

Howard Jancy, CSI, CDT
Jan 7, 2011
Design Ideas: Schools

From the playground to the locker room, decorative concrete is inspiring teachers and school administrators across the country.

Emily Dixon
May 10, 2010