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2017 Scofield Decorative Concrete Award Winners

Cresting wave concrete precast to ward off ocean wave power."Innovation" was the word of the day for Scofield’s 10th annual Decorative Concrete Awards which were presented during the 2018 World of Concrete in Las Vegas. Grand prize-winning “Scofie” projects in six categories were unique in their design and execution, with several recipients pushing the limits of their experience to try new things.

Concrete: Guaranteed to Crack

concrete does crackConcrete is going to crack and contractors should be prepared to handle certain issues when they happen.

David Stephenson
Apr 16, 2018
Church Street Gym Revived with Concrete Overlay

A little-known fact about New Castle, Indiana, (for everyone not a Hoosier) is that it's home to the world's largest high school gymnasium. Basketball fever is so rampant in this small town of 18,000 that the community raised the money needed to build a high school gym that seats 9,325 spectators.A little-known fact about New Castle, Indiana, (for everyone not a Hoosier) is that it’s home to the world’s largest high school gymnasium. Basketball fever is so rampant in this small town of 18,000 that the community raised the money needed to build a high school gym that seats 9,325 spectators.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
How To Create Unity When Using Multiple Colors On Concrete

colorful concrete compass rose

Gaye Goodman
Warm up to the opportunities presented by Radiant Floor Heating

Heating tubes seen in a yet to be poured concrete slab. Will be used to heat the house with warm radiant floor heating system.Radiant heat delivers warmth without ducts and registers; heats evenly, in an energy-efficient manner; and is silent. There are hydronic (hot water) and electric systems.

Susan Brimo-Cox
Mar 7, 2003
10 Most-Read Blog Posts About Concrete from Concrete Decor's Website

ICF concrete construction

Nashville Nightclub Receives Decorative Coating Makeover

Overlay floor in blues and maroon in Nashville, Tenn.The historical structure that now houses the Nashville Dinner Theatre has always attracted attention. During Prohibition times, people slyly used a tunnel in the building to transport alcohol to area nightclubs. Today, it attracts crowds for its dinner shows and performances by local vocalists.

Natasha Chilingerian
Feb 18, 2011
The New Product Made from Recycled Concrete: Eckocrete

The material has crushed recycled concrete for aggregate and fly ash waste from coal mills for the base. Other industrial byproducts provide nanofibers for crack reduction and nanoparticles for surface density to reduce water penetration.

Emily Dixon
Dec 18, 2008
Decorative concrete makeover at SAY Sí earns a resounding 'Yes!'

The transformative projects were part of the 2012 Concrete Decor Show — which also featured the creation of a colossal concrete dinosaur.

Emily Dixon
Apr 19, 2012
Concrete House Withstands Devastating Flood

Flooded area with trees and a nice viewAs floodwaters in southwest Washington submerged entire Chehalis neighborhoods early December, Justin Farley and Kevin Winkler waved down a team of U.S. Coast Guard rescuers to help a family of five who had abandoned their home. Farley and Winkler, however, stayed put.

Dec 16, 2007
Getting the Most out of Your Mohs Hardness Test Kit

Here's some tips for using your Mohs hardness test kit, adapted from material found at concrete’s makeup differs from region to region, it will vary in hardness and density. A pick set can be used to test both aggregates and cement paste to determine a concrete surface’s hardness.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
May 5, 2013
Concrete Contractor Finds True Passion in Decorative Concrete

This industry veteran doesn’t much care for the label of "artisan." Just call him a good concrete contractor with an eye for color.

Natasha Chilingerian
Nov 10, 2010
Fast Self-leveling Concrete Crack Repair Product

Two part repair product for cracks in a concrete slab.DP-600 Concrete Repair products from 3M offer a fast way for concrete repair people to get their fill.

Nov 8, 2005
Keep Colored Concrete Fresh and Young

Colored concrete floor that shows vibrancy in this waiting roomHere are a few products that can be used to breath new life into old concrete.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Apr 15, 2007
What is the Right Amount of Reinforcement for a Concrete Countertop

One could argue that cast-in-place countertops are not beams because there is plywood supporting them. However, if you think about it, even in construction, plywood isn't a structural component; it is flexible.Reinforce your knowledge and make structurally strong concrete countertops.

Susan Brimo-Cox
Jun 22, 2006
Colored Pervious Concrete Used in Award-Winning Park

Water dripping through pervious concrete sample.With the addition of color and increased attention to texture and detail, pervious concrete is now being specified for public parks, fine residences, and other hardscapes where appearance is as important to the environment as drainage.

Michael Chusind
Dec 24, 2005
Integrally Colored Concrete at Fort Worth's Skateboard Central

Decorative concrete used in Dallas skateparkThe concrete in a skate park must be completely smooth to accommodate a skateboard’s small, hard 40 to 55 mm urethane wheels, yet also be nonslippery.

Vanessa Salvia
How to Waterproof Concrete Showers and Tubs

Sand colored concrete bathtub with subway tile surround sits away from the wall.Installing concrete in often-wet areas such as baths and showers demands more of a concrete contractor. It requires a different type of preparation and construction from counters and even sinks, so contractors would do well to understand the specifics.

Amy B. Johnson
Oct 21, 2012
8 Tips for Installing Rock-and-Water Features with Precast Concrete Pieces

Custom rock features and hardscapes built from glass-fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) are high-end features added to landscapes at luxury homes or commercial developments.

Apr 9, 2011
Secrets to Maintaining Concrete Color Consistency in Large Integral Installations

The most important thing with maintaining good color across a large job is consistency. From the obvious factors (color, admixture and water-to-cement ratios, temperature, humidity) to the less-tangible ones (soil type and moisture content of the subgrade, amount of time the concrete and color spend in the mixer, slump at the time of placement), document everything thoroughly and keep it the same from batch to batch.

Jan 1, 2011
A Concrete Education

Concrete Industry Management (CIM) Programs are teaching decorative concrete in universities across the country.

David Searls
Nov 10, 2010