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2017 Concrete Decor Show Leaves Lasting Marks on Florida Resort

2017 Concrete Decor Show Leaves Lasting Marks on Florida ResortDuring the 2017 Concrete Decor Show, the resort was buzzing with people talking about the improvements that were transforming the grounds and some of the facilities on the resort. From pools and walkways to countertops and floors, projects were conducted by seasoned professionals and completed by novices and decorative concrete veterans alike.

Jan 22, 2018
Terrazzo Artistry Delivers Glitz to McCarran Terminal

Not Just Another Skate in the ParkLas Vegas’ McCarran Airport put its money down in a bet on a vibrant, colorful and imaginative new look for the airport’s Terminal 1 ticketing and baggage claim area.

Joe Maty
Jan 22, 2018
The Mall of Concrete is Open for Business!

The Mall of Concrete is Open for Business!If you were impressed with last year’s Decorative Concrete LIVE! debut, have we got more in store for you! World of Concrete attendees will look at vertical applications of decorative concrete in a whole new way after this year’s take on retail spaces inside and out.

Jan 22, 2018
Meeting the Demand for Crack Control in Stamped Concrete

Crack control in stamped concrete

Doug Carlton
For Outdoor Rooms, Consumer Tastes Extend Beyond the Basics

Consumer tastes extend beyond the basicsConcrete patios and pool decks have long set a standard for basic backyards. But today’s consumers want much more than the basics and the industry is complying. Due to more efficient tools and techniques, complex designs can be installed quicker, easier and at a fraction of the cost.

Vanessa Salvia
Jul 31, 2017
A Folded Concrete Exterior Mimics Textiles on this Munich Fabric House

Concrete facade on Munich TextilmacherSituated in an industrial zone on Munich, Germany’s north side, an eye-catching building hosts production, showroom and office spaces for textile print and embroidery. Known as The Textilmacher, this three-story building has a precast concrete facade reminiscent of creased fabric.

Vanessa Salvia
May 15, 2015
The Secrets of Concrete Countertops

Large kitchen island with a green concrete countertop.Like the structural character of a concrete foundation, concrete countertops are structured as well but with a whole lot more sex-appeal.

Susan Brimo-Cox
Feb 2, 2002
A Decorative Concrete Supply Store That Helps Its Customers Make Money

How a Canadian construction supply retailer promotes decorative concrete

Brian Graham
Oct 9, 2011
A Grand New Entrance at a Texas Football Stadium

Chris Mayo
Jan 24, 2013
Fixing Another Contractor's Mistake

Dog foot prints in drying concrete. Photo courtesy of Rick SmithFixing Another Contractor's Mistake Whether it's your own work or someone else's, you may be called upon to fix a decorative concrete project gone awry. Trowel & Error is a new column that celebrates the fact that there's always a solution to every decorative concrete problem.

Richard Smith
Aug 14, 2006
The Right Coatings for Horizontal Concrete Surfaces

It's a crucial question regarding coatings for horizontal concrete installations and restorations -- whether the coating is serving a protective-only mission or protective-decorative function.It’s a crucial question regarding coatings for horizontal concrete installations and restorations — whether the coating is serving a protective-only mission or protective-decorative function.

Joe Maty
Feb 2, 2016
Why Search Engine Algorithms Change and How to Capitalize on the Changes

How Google paved the way for UX-based algorithm changes.In the early days of social media marketing, you could post virtually any piece of content and, realistically, expect to see engagement from about 15 to 20 percent of your followers, fans or friends — depending on the day and just how many were online at that time. 

Stephan Reed
Aug 4, 2017
Climbing Walls Made of Concrete

RiverPlay, Skinner's Butte Park - stone column replicas standing next to a play structure in Eugene Oregon.Skinner Butte Park's 45-foot-tall basalt columns have attracted rock climbers for decades. So when the city of Eugene, Ore., decided to build Riverplay, an innovative playground in another area of the park, a replica of the columns, sized just for kids, was part of the plan.

Jan 13, 2006
Architectural Bridge Honors Native Americans

Gold Line Light-Rail Bridge, Arcadia, California - Can a major axis of modern transportation infrastructure in Los Angeles somehow forge a tie to the region's pre-modern heritage?Can a major axis of modern transportation infrastructure in Los Angeles somehow forge a tie to the region’s pre-modern heritage?

Joe Maty
Oct 2, 2014
Choices in Fiber Reinforcement for Concrete

Close up of glass fibers for reinforced concreteFiber reinforcement protects concrete in two ways. Mainly, it minimizes cracking from plastic shrinkage that occurs as the concrete dries during the first 24 hours after placement. Also, it helps hold the concrete together if cracks develop after the concrete has hardened. Several types of fibers are available for decorative concrete applications.

Loretta Hall
Jun 15, 2007
Glow-in-the-dark Patio: Way Cool for School

Dalton Elementary and Middle School amphitheater, Dalton, OhioJason Geiser, owner of Deco-Crete Supply in Orrville, Ohio, thought a broad, sloping hill at his three children’s new school needed something to transform it from a virtually unusable space to an inviting outdoor classroom. He and the school officials came up with a project that revolved around Geiser building an amphitheater. 

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Jul 24, 2017
Weather Affects Set Time of Stamped Concrete Overlays

A formerly drab concrete driveway comes alive with an Italian slate pattern.When working with stamped concrete overlays, experts caution you to keep your eye on weather and temperature conditions

David Searls
May 26, 2017
Creating Unique Concrete Form Liners

With the concrete form removed the silhouettes of skate boarders can be seen in the pink foam.From skate parks to highway barriers, concrete walls are taking on a new look. Rather than monstrous monoliths of flat concrete looming on the horizon, extraordinary three-dimensional creations are popping up in cities and suburbs, along highways and beaches, next to mountains and in deserts — as one-of-a-kind works of art.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Jan 8, 2004
The Concrete Tub

They’re heavy and they can be hard to install. But for some customers, decorative concrete tubs are worth every drop of sweat.

Christina Camara
Feb 13, 2008
Stenciling Concrete for that Decorative Look

Stenciling on concrete opens the door to a world of design options that personalize and enhance a decorative concrete project. The results can be simple or complex depending on the design you are seeking. Stencils can be used to create tile or stone patterns, corporate and company logos, and unique works of art.

Edward J. Winslow
The White Stuff - White Portland Cement

Portland Cement Association, white portland cement has essentially the same properties as gray cement, except for when it comes to color.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Aug 11, 2008