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Surface Prep: Eliminating Chances for Concrete Failure

For thousands of years the permanence of concrete has made it an ideal construction and design medium for architects, engineers and builders.For thousands of years the permanence of concrete has made it an ideal construction and design medium for architects, engineers and builders. Even the word “concrete” is often used as an adjective to describe the reality, longevity and durability of everything from objects to ideas.

Jason Ryan
Sep 9, 2019
Today's Concrete Overlays are Durable and Good Looking

Concrete Overlays in a kitchen with concrete countertopsA baker knows when there’s a disaster in the kitchen, sometimes a little bit of icing can go a long way toward redemption. Concrete contractors have a similar option with overlays and an unsightly slab: The overlaid section not only looks better but the chemistry behind today’s overlay offerings often creates a much more durable surface than what was already there.

K. Schipper
Sep 13, 2012
Going Beyond Square-edged Countertops

Edge form for concreteAlthough rocker Huey Lewis made headlines singing how it was “Hip to be Square,” artisan Ben Ashby couldn’t quite jibe with that mantra when it came to concrete countertops. Back in the early ’90s, others in the fledgling decorative concrete business — like FuTung Cheng and Buddy Rhodes, he remembers — were perfectly fine with square-edged countertops but Ashby wanted more for his creations.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Sep 14, 2019
Concrete Color Maintenance System by NewLook Coatings and Stains

Concrete Color Maintenance System by NewLook penetrates the surface to stain almost any surfaceThe Concrete Color Maintenance System, from Newlook Coatings and Stains, is a solid-color, water-based stain that penetrates the surface of porous concrete to stain it to almost any color desired. “It’s like integralcolored concrete, only more perfectly colored,” says Sonny Baird, a partner in Newlook.

Jun 28, 2004
Geopolymer Concrete Shows Extreme Fire-Proof Qualities

Fire-proof concreteConcrete made using an industrial by-product has shown better fire endurance than traditional concrete when exposed to fires of nearly 1000 degrees Celsius.

Jul 9, 2015
Polished Concrete Floor at Meadowdale Middle School

Picture the elementary school you attended. The floors were probably concrete covered by institutional-style vinyl tile or commercial-grade carpet. In a word, boring.Picture the elementary school you attended. The floors were probably concrete covered by institutional-style vinyl tile or commercial-grade carpet. In a word, boring.

Chris Mayo
Oct 9, 2011
It's Time to CARE About Sales Silence

The sound of silence represents the ability to truly hear what prospects are saying. Small child drawing a chart with chalk on a blackboard.Shhhh… Close your eyes and don’t make a sound. The sound of silence is the sound of sales increasing substantially for you and your company. The sound of silence represents the ability to truly hear what prospects are saying, before worrying about your next statement. It also represents the lack of time salespeople spend honing their sales skills

Ken Lundin
10 Most Popular Class Topics in the Concrete Decor Show's History (with one bonus)

Chris Sullivan teaching concrete classOf the Concrete Decor Show’s top 35 most-attended courses, some topics emerged that were more popular than all the others. First on the list are countertops, followed by polymer overlays and coatings, and polishing concrete.

Jul 4, 2015
Sleek S-Curved Concrete Lounge Chair

The most important issue was the overall design and fit. I concentrated on angles that were tight rather than curvy -- it had to look good as well as fit good.This sleek S-curve, cast by Nick Relampagos using glass-fiber reinforced concrete, is embedded with radiant heating. Just turn it on and it gently warms you from beneath as the sun shines down from above.

Jun 2, 2010
Transform Your World of Concrete with Metal Plating

Transform ordinary decorative concrete into an amazing piece of art with PlateAll metal coating.Amidst a myriad of decorative coatings for concrete, PlateAll Metal Coating emerges. PlateAll can transform a rather ordinary concrete surface into one that resembles solid cast metal with many of its attributes.

Feb 12, 2001
Understanding the Components of Polishing Newly Placed Concrete

Ride-On and Walk-behind TrowelsToday, most slabs are finished using mechanical trowels for the body of the slab and hand trowels for the edges. There are two basic types of mechanical trowels: walk-behinds and ride-ons.

David Stephenson
May 29, 2015
Using F-Numbers to Measure a Concrete Floor's Flatness

the flatness and levelness of the slab must be measured and documented once a slab is bull-floated, vibrated, pan- troweled and steel troweled.There are two types of F-numbers, which measure floor flatness and levelness respectively. Industry expert Allen Face is the creator of the F-number system, as well as the inventor of several measurement instruments and a principal inventor of superflat floor technology.

Jennifer A. Faller
Jun 5, 2012
White Cap Offers Amazing New Tool

White Cap Construction Supply's director of Web-based services,Bob Mealey, offers some pointers to Marisela Marroquin from White Cap's marketing department.The distributor’s new Web site offers customized features that will allow you to streamline and document your bidding, planning and purchases.

Bob Mealey
Jun 30, 2005
Universal Super Dyes and Super Colors from Clemons Concrete Coatings

Concrete dyes by Clemons Concrete Coatings placed on concrete Super Dye is a liquid concentrate, not a powder dye. The Super product is packaged as an 8-ounce concentrated liquid that is mixed with a gallon of water or acetone. Give the mixture a quick stir, and it's ready to apply to the concrete floor without having to wait for the dye to sweat in.

Sue Marquette Poremba
Aug 8, 2010
Oregon Store Sports Glossy Golden O Thanks to Decorative Overlay

The Duck Store in Portland, Oregon gets an epoxy coating and the O logo placed on it.Nailing the gold in the O that is the official logo of University of Oregon sports couldn’t have been easy. But here it is, on a dyed and polished cement overlay floor at The Duck Store in the Clackamas Town Center shopping mall, near Portland, Ore.

Oct 23, 2011
Cement Makers Test Cleaner Concrete for Carbon Capture

Clean cementCement production contributes an estimated 6 percent of global greenhouse-gas emissions, and some scientists are trying to chip away at that pollution problem. Two start-ups, one in Canada and another in Arizona, are among the newer entries in the effort to produce cleaner cement and concrete.

Jul 8, 2015
Restoring Swimming Pool Decks with an Artistic Flair

Updated pool deck with vibrant colors really draws your eye When Chris McMahon sets out to rehabilitate a worn-out pool deck, he’s not satisfied with merely jazzing up the old slab. He likes to reinvent the entire swimming pool environment, using color, texture and elevation.

David Thompson
Jun 23, 2004
Simple Recipe for Colored Texture

Look at the colored texture achieved by hardeners and EZ Tique by ProlineThis simple recipe uses Proline’s Sand Canyon Dura-Color Hardener and their Seamless Designs Carpet Stamp. Two colors of EZ Tique were used to give the finish its mottled look.

May 9, 2008