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How this Company Fixed a Paste Cap Separating from Concrete

polished concrete floor with craze crackingIt was not your best-case scenario. A new Army/Air Force main exchange, an indoor mall with multiple vendors and a food court, was slated to open at Fort George G. Meade in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, in six weeks. The floor had been ground and polished, the racks staged and the food vendors’ equipment installed.

L. M. Scofield Co.'s 2014 Decorative Concrete Awards

turtle stained into concreteThe sixth annual Decorative Concrete Awards were announced recently by sponsor L. M. Scofield Co. The contest honors contractors and designers who use Scofield decorative concrete materials.

This year, for the first time, the contest was divided into six categories.

When to Test Your Polished Concrete Job

Person sitting at a computer with a yellow pen and paper taking notes.Know what you are defining with your tests and work descriptions. Your intent is that the architect/owner/GC will be taking you at your word as a professional, an expert.

Polished Concrete Floor Reflects Local Culture at Knight Museum

Polished concrete floor with aggregate trucked from nearby areas to give perfect effect.You've heard of Stonehenge, right? How about Carhenge? It's an installation of half-buried cars, all laid out in a circular pattern that mimics the site's much older and more famous cousin. The pocket of western Nebraska that includes Carhenge and the nearby town of Alliance can seem about as windblown and mystically alien as the legendary British Isles site itself.

Recipe: Adventures in Aggregate and Polished Concrete

Mild-mannered, terrazzoesque floor by day, photoluminescent phenomenon by night.Mild-mannered, terrazzoesque floor by day, photoluminescent phenomenon by night. This glow-in-the-dark effect can brighten up any surface.

How to Protect Concrete During Construction

How to Protect Concrete During ConstructionPolished concrete as a finish is reliant on the concrete substrate to be in good shape to provide the end user with a beautiful and durable finish. Owners don’t like blemishes and amazingly the worst issues seem to happen in the main entranceways. Here, I’ll address the most common issues in order of their likelihood of happening.

New Showroom Features All the Glamour of Polishable Overlays

top the floor with Artera, a polishable polymer-modified fiber-reinforced cementitious overlayment made by LifeTime Floors.When Productivity Inc. built a new showroom in Minneapolis, Minn., more than three years ago, the company chose to top the floor with Artera, a polishable polymer-modified fiber-reinforced cementitious overlayment made by LifeTime Floors.

What Do I Tell the Owner About Those Ghost VCT Lines?

VCT Tile ghosting on polished concrete floor. How to remove ghosting.So we’re in the early stages of a polishing project after the old VCT (vinyl composition tile) has been removed. We’re progressing with initial grinding diamonds to open the floor, only to have the building owner walk through and complain, “What happened to my floor? What are all those lines? Is my floor ruined?

Contractors Take a Shine to Polished Concrete

Most contractors -- including Ware and Siefken -- praise the results achieved with a good densifier and a planetary polisher, a machine which consists of one large drum that turns in one direction and three smaller platens with grinding media that turn in the opposite direction. Siefken, who's been polishing for six years, says he started off with a buffing machine but after one job purchased planetary equipment.Contractors across the country have plenty of good things to say about polishing concrete.

Building Your Knowledge Bank Leads to Success in Decorative Concrete

Educating yourself in the products available can lead to success on many levels.In today’s economy, it is even more important to make an investment in the bank. In this case I’m not referring to money in the bank, though that is important. I’m referring to knowledge in your brain bank.

Concrete Cracks Fixed by Hand While Restoring Historic Theater Floor

90 year old concrete slab that has been ground and polished to it's natural buff color in Washing Court House, Ohio.When broker-auctioneer Jason Langley purchased the nearly 90-year-old Fayette Theatre in Washington Court House, a small town in Ohio located between Cincinnati and Columbus, improving the local landmark’s 3,000-square-foot concrete floor was a top priority.

Recipe: Easy Antiquing on Polished Floors

Using this easy antiquing technique is a sure fire way to upgrade any space.Ideal for distressed floors with lots of cracks, pits, chips or gouges, this versatile technique can be used to turn a fixer-upper into a masterpiece.

Sports Stadiums Across the Country Embrace Decorative Concrete

Three of the nation's most beloved sports franchises - the New York Yankees, Indianapolis Colts and Dallas Cowboys - embraced decorative concrete when they built their new homes. Three of the nation’s most beloved sports franchises - the New York Yankees, Indianapolis Colts and Dallas Cowboys - embraced decorative concrete when they built their new homes.

Power Trowel Polishing Offers Faster, Less Expensive Polishing Method

Stirring things up in the polished concrete tradeIt’s going to take the industry by storm. It’s a game changer. Revolutionary. In the case of polishing concrete with power trowel machinery, all those phrases might well prove true. Or, maybe not. Revolutionary? You could make that claim. Game changer? Yes, but...

Compete for Work, But Do It Respectfully

Football players practicing in the sunset.One of the major issues that I have noticed in the decorative concrete industry is that most contractors in our business do not seem to have any respect for each other. There are a few exceptions, but for the most part this statement is true across the board.

Schools and Public Facilities Weigh the Benefits of Polished Concrete

Schools and Public Facilities Weigh the Benefits of Polished ConcreteEvery year, schools and municipalities spend millions of dollars replacing old worn-out carpet and vinyl composite tiles. The cost of replacing these traditional flooring materials is quite expensive and in most cases not at all green. For the past several years facilities are looking at polished concrete as an option.

Don't Get Pushed Around by Clients - Get Paid

A family pushing a car.We all wish that we could tell our customers, “Screw you! I did the work. Pay me!” I know that in my career I have gotten just about every excuse in the book as to why I wasn’t getting paid for my work. By its very nature, the decorative concrete industry that we love so much allows customers to play with our money.

Listening to Your Customers Pays Off in the End

Listening to your audienceBeing successful in business, as in life, is knowing when to be right, and when to allow the other person their thoughts and views, especially when the “other” person is a potential or existing customer.

Concrete Artisan Brings Decorative Concrete to Alabama Market

Concrete floor with radials of concrete in black, yellow and red.Travel-tested diesel generators, a fleet of polishing machines and a bundle of big-name contracts - all part of how Jeff McCool and his team do decorative concrete in the Deep South.

How to Create a Concrete Surface with a Sand Finish

Fire pit in the middle of a concrete slab.With concrete surface retarders, concrete can have a sand-etched finish.

Concrete Placement and Mix Designs

Concrete Placement and Mix DesignsMix designs are always a little tricky. As most Concrete Decor readers are not architects or engineers, there is a lot of risk associated with modifying a designed and engineered concrete mix.

Polished Floors Add New Dimension to Science Museum

The Perot Museum of Nature and Science, which opened Dec. 1 of last year, is billed as providing visitors with a living science lesson full of hands-on learning experiences.The Perot Museum of Nature and Science, which opened Dec. 1 of last year, is billed as providing visitors with a living science lesson full of hands-on learning experiences.

This mission extends to the building structure itself, by way of the concrete.

Will Better Understanding of Polishing Help Us Reach Our Full Potential?

A full palette of concrete dye colors have been placed in this polished concrete to show the different options to clients.We’ve grown up, and now we have to act accordingly, and in unison, for our industry to reach its true potential. We all need to truly understand the process.

Refurbishing A Black Concrete Floor In A Modern Home

black concrete floor in art deco houseBlack gets maligned as a color in the home, but when used in the right way it can contribute a richness along with a vibe that’s both retro and modern. Nick Dancer of Dancer Concrete Design in Fort Wayne, Indiana, got a chance to refurbish a black floor in an architect-designed mid-century modern home where the color was spot on.

The Rundown on Concrete Polishing Machines

Polishing a floor requires the right tool for the job.In this Tooling section, Concrete Decor magazine focused on walk-behind models, handheld models, edgers and other tools that can be helpful to decorative contractors on small and medium-sized jobs.