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How the Family Business Turned into Passion for One Concrete Contractor

You don’t have to be born into the family business to be good at it, but in Emil Gera’s case, it sure helped. Gera’s father, also named Emil, was a union concrete finisher who would take his son along with him to help on weekend projects. Some of young Emil’s earliest memories involve concrete and a trowel.

Concrete Steps From the Ground Up for Weddings in the Country

This sweeping outdoor staircase and wraparound deck at Azure Standard, in Dufur, Ore., is more than just an update to an old warehouse on a rural Northwest farm. It’s the latest chapter in the story of a business that has spanned four generations and was built on a strong foundation of organic farming, sustainability and close-knit family ties.

Faded Concrete at California Golf Course Gets a Fresh Look

In this industry we’ve all seen our share of old and faded colored concrete that has been bleached out by the elements and is in need of some type of color fix or restoration. That was the condition of the existing stamped concrete at Diablo Grande Golf Course & Country Club, near Patterson, Calif.