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Got Concrete Slurry?

Upgrade to Lavina propane and electric concrete grinders If you're doing anything with polishing, drilling or sawing concrete these days, you're likely already using water in your processes. Those hedging on not using wet processes are staring straight at a mandate from OSHA that requires contractors to reduce the permissible exposure limit (PEL) for respirable crystalline silica.

Why Metallic Floors Continue to be Popular

Why Metallic Floors Continue to be PopularAs metallic coatings grow in popularity, the competition is heating up. Bear in mind that the key to a mesmerizing metallic floor is the artist behind it.

Jon Kopp
Jul 24, 2017
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Concrete Decor Roadshow
Glow-in-the-dark Patio: Way Cool for School

Dalton Elementary and Middle School amphitheater, Dalton, OhioJason Geiser, owner of Deco-Crete Supply in Orrville, Ohio, thought a broad, sloping hill at his three children’s new school needed something to transform it from a virtually unusable space to an inviting outdoor classroom. He and the school officials came up with a project that revolved around Geiser building an amphitheater. 

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Jul 24, 2017
Concrete Flooring Restoration Highlights Sanctuary's Conversion

The First Presbyterian Church of St. Louis, University City, MissouriBuilt in Missouri in 1927, the First Presbyterian Church of St. Louis’ sanctuary was recently renovated to modernize its look and feel, while preserving its historic Gothic style. Improvements to the sanctuary’s floor, specifically two rectangular sections under the pews, were vital to this upgrade. 

Erik Pisor
Jul 24, 2017
One Day Stain Offers Quick Return-to-Service Time

Phoenix restaurant features a floor colored with iCoat's One Day Stain in medium gray with a brown accent. The area seen here at the hostess stand near the restaurant entrance is where a red-colored slab placed in 1957 meets up with a new pour.One Day Stain from iCoat eliminates down time with a quick turnaround from start to finish.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
May 26, 2017
Delux Roller Tools to Enhance the Grout Lines of Imprinted Concrete

Using a roller to enhance grout lines makes imprinted concrete really pop.A new roller tool to enhance the grout lines of imprinted concrete.

Oct 9, 2001
How Spirit Stone Merged Concrete and Art

spirit stone leaf pendantsFor a man who’s been into concrete as far back as he can remember, the business has changed a lot since he ran Carl Concrete Construction in Greensboro, North Carolina. Now co-owner of Spirit Stone, Bill Carl has moved away from the traditional uses of concrete to its more artistic side.

Jacqueline Valle
Environmental Issues Can Impact Exterior Acid-Stain Projects

concrete that's impacted by environmental aspectsAcid-stained concrete has been popular for decades. The process of acid staining is well documented, as are the key precautionary items to look for before and during application. When I first started troubleshooting decorative concrete problems around 2001, I got a lot of calls involving acid stains. oday, I might get these calls a few times a year. Thanks to real-world experience, continuing education and better specifications, issues with acid stains have been greatly reduced.

Chris Sullivan
The Pros and Cons of Taking On Military Concrete Polishing Projects

AAFES (Army & Air Force Exchange Service) showcases polished concrete projects in many of its stores up to 150,000 square feet.

As a polishing consultant I get to wear several different hats, but by far the largest amount of my time is spent managing polished concrete programs for retailers. Polished concrete is an aesthetically beautiful and valuable flooring solution, but it is fairly specialized.

David Stephenson
Feb 27, 2013
A Veteran Floor Guy Takes on a High-End Cast-in-Place Countertop

Cast in place concrete countertopIt all started when I got a call from interior designer Julie Doran. Been a long time. Where you been? “Second career as a flight attendant, third career as a full-time mom. Now, I’m back into design.” What’s up? “Got a new client. I’m designing a tricked-out outdoor kitchen. I think you may be just the guy to do the countertops.”

Michael Miller, the concretist
New Era for Epoxy: The Durable Coating That is Also Decorative

Epoxy coating in black, white and silver depicting the nights sky in slow motion.With the addition of pigments, flakes and powders, these durable coatings can now add plenty of pizzazz to concrete floors.

John Strieder
Dec 1, 2002
Reactive Stain Effects on Concrete Using Household Items

Ironite is a brand of fertilizer that is composed of primarily iron sulfate in a clay granule.In fact, it was recommended that we avoid promoting this product and, if we had to sell it, that the variegated results should be disguised by buffing with a colored wax.

Michael Miller
Jun 5, 2012
Concrete Artisan Showcases His Pieces In Art Show

decorative concrete at an art showMost decorative concrete artisans don’t submit their work into juried art shows, but that’s the world that Thomas Lancaster is trying to ease into.

Vanessa Salvia
Oct 1, 2015
10 Favorite Concrete Decor Magazine Covers

From day one, we put a lot of thought into the covers for each issue of Concrete Decor magazine. Because it isn’t available on newsstands, we don’t have to try to appeal to the average grocery shopper standing in line, but we definitely want our cover images to be attention-grabbing.


Success with Concrete Countertops: How Should You Reinforce Your Countertop?

Jeffrey Girard, P.E.
Nov 9, 2011
Brickform skins flex to suit

A natural stone surface with a sandy texture that includes clefts which leave a layered appearance. Brickform.comWhen it comes to texture skins, flexibility is often appreciated, and Rafco-Brickform LLC aims to please.

Jun 24, 2005
A Concrete Bench in the Shape of a Whale's Tail

A Concrete Bench in the Shape of a Whale's Tail.Jenkins offered a rock bench as a gesture of friendship, but the biologist wouldn’t accept it without his wife’s approval. Turns out, the wife desired a bench in the shape of a whale’s tail.

Vanessa Salvia
Apr 1, 2015
Tips and Techniques for Using Channel Drains and Point Drains Around Pools

Creative fountain surrounded by channel drains that place the water into the pump to be recycled.Bud Stegmeier, co-owner of Stegmeier Corp. in Henderson, Nev., shares these tips for using channel drains and point drains in swimming pool applications.

Feb 10, 2004
Become an AIA Approved Education Provider in 7 Easy Steps

classroom with group of people - Licensed architects are required to earn a certain number of continuing education credits to maintain their license from the American Institute of Architects. Licensed architects are required to earn a certain number of continuing education credits to maintain their license from the American Institute of Architects. So, when you, a decorative concrete contractor, offer them a way to earn desired credit, you have at least one guaranteed hour of their attention.

Karen Keyes
Aug 4, 2016
Corvette Diner, San Diego, Calif.

The floors at this theme restaurant are alive with eye-popping pinks, blacks and sparkles. But the story about how they were sealed is just as much of a conversation-starter.

Natasha Chilingerian
Nov 10, 2010
Skate Park at Mike Fox Park, Santa Cruz, Calif.

A 16-foot-tall concrete wave? Concrete artists created this and more at a 15,000-square-foot skate park.

Amy Johnson
Green Matters: Be Prepared for Tough Questions about "Green" Concrete

Just a few short years ago, saying that concrete was a green building material was sufficient. It was taken for granted that concrete, being locally produced, durable and nontoxic, was a sound, sustainable choice. Today, it is not enough to repeat the word “green” like a mantra. Whether they are green-skeptics or advocates, consumers and architects are becoming better educated and more concerned about environmental impact, and they want substance.

Sherry A. Boyd
Aug 9, 2011