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2017 Scofield Decorative Concrete Award Winners

Cresting wave concrete precast to ward off ocean wave power."Innovation" was the word of the day for Scofield’s 10th annual Decorative Concrete Awards which were presented during the 2018 World of Concrete in Las Vegas. Grand prize-winning “Scofie” projects in six categories were unique in their design and execution, with several recipients pushing the limits of their experience to try new things.

Concrete: Guaranteed to Crack

concrete does crackConcrete is going to crack and contractors should be prepared to handle certain issues when they happen.

David Stephenson
Apr 16, 2018
Church Street Gym Revived with Concrete Overlay

A little-known fact about New Castle, Indiana, (for everyone not a Hoosier) is that it's home to the world's largest high school gymnasium. Basketball fever is so rampant in this small town of 18,000 that the community raised the money needed to build a high school gym that seats 9,325 spectators.A little-known fact about New Castle, Indiana, (for everyone not a Hoosier) is that it’s home to the world’s largest high school gymnasium. Basketball fever is so rampant in this small town of 18,000 that the community raised the money needed to build a high school gym that seats 9,325 spectators.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
For Outdoor Rooms, Consumer Tastes Extend Beyond the Basics

Consumer tastes extend beyond the basicsConcrete patios and pool decks have long set a standard for basic backyards. But today’s consumers want much more than the basics and the industry is complying. Due to more efficient tools and techniques, complex designs can be installed quicker, easier and at a fraction of the cost.

Vanessa Salvia
Jul 31, 2017
The Beauty of Troweled Overlays

Concrete contractors troweling a large floor expanse.

Like an artist's paintbrush on canvas, the trowel can create a wide variety of effects on overlays.

Sometimes there's no better way to finish a cementitious topping than to get down on your hands and kneeboards and go to town with a trowel.

David Thompson
Aug 15, 2004
Hollywood Plasterer Uses Concrete Overlays to Make Movie Sets

Concrete uses are endless this ship is made from concrete overlays but looks like the real thing on the movie set in Hollywood.

Remember the ship from "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest"? Or the John Harvard statue that students gathered around during the hazing scene in "The Social Network"? What about the boat dock from the Hollywood version of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"?

Natasha Chilingerian
Jul 9, 2012
Slip Resistance for Concrete Flooring

Slip resistant concrete pool deckMake your concrete surfaces not only beautiful but safe to walk on as well.

Gareth Fenley
Aug 18, 2002
How to Maintain Decorative Concrete

How to maintain a stamped concrete patio with new sealer.You've created something beautiful. Here's how to keep it that way. While maintenance of concrete is minimal — that's the beauty of it — decorative concrete does require regular cleaning and resealing to extend its life and eye appeal for years into the future.

Christina Camara
Mar 1, 2003
Take Another Look at Form Liners for Concrete

Form liners are essentially molds for giving texture and design to vertical concrete surfaces.As an old technology finds new applications, walls take on shape and texture.

Amy Johnson
Apr 28, 2006
Concrete Industry Spotlight: The British Are Coming!

Concrete contractors also cross-pollinate.Cross-pollination is one of my favorite concepts to think about. (Isn’t it odd that one could have so much time on their hands!) It’s when an idea or a product from one industry is taken and used in an entirely new way by a person from outside that industry. The person from outside the industry sees the idea or product from a totally different perspective — and also has his or her own set of unique talents to add to the process.

Jim Peterson
Apr 1, 2002
What's The Best Way to Strip Sealers from Stamped Concrete?

Stripping sealer from stamped concreteQuestion: How do I strip sealer from my stamped concrete patio? The installer used color hardener. Will I lose the color off the top when I strip?

Chris Sullivan
Jul 5, 2014
New Uses for Ice, Pool Noodles and Kitty Litter with Concrete

Ice, pool noodles and kitty litter can be used in decorative concrete work! Our article shares an expert's tips on how to use these common household items to make your decorative concrete work easier and more beautiful.An expert's tips on how to use these common household items to make your decorative concrete work easier and more beautiful.

Bryon "Bru" Bruington
Jul 9, 2014
How To Apply Glow-in-the-dark Stone in Concrete

How To Apply Glow-in-the-dark Stone in ConcreteJust when you thought you were going to install another exposed aggregate pool deck, your clients inform you they want the concrete to “glow” with stone accents. Don’t hit the panic button if you’ve never worked with a glowing medium before. Glow stones are applied in exposed aggregate finishes.

Peter Tomé
Sep 15, 2017
Concrete Countertop Company Offers Valuable, Intensive Training

Intensive countertop training is second to none in the countertop market.>Countertops were the name of the game at a recent workshop sponsored by the Institute for American Craftsmanship in Eugene, Oregon. Offering its participants valuable experience in making precast and cast-in-place countertops, decorative concrete tiles and even concrete stools.

Rosemary Camozzi
Oct 14, 2004
Maritime Museum Gets a Decorative Concrete Upgrade

Maritime museum with woodplank concrete floorsHurricane proof concrete planks made to look like the original wood floor of the museum were the perfect touch. Durable, easy to clean and homey, the North Caroline Maritime Museum couldn't have asked for a better fit.

David Searls
Jan 10, 2010
How to use Self-Consolidating Concrete for Concrete Countertops

How to measure self-consolidating concrete with a slump test and what it means. Self-consolidating concrete is great to use for concrete countertops.Self-consolidating concrete (SCC), also known as self-compacting concrete, is an amazing and special type of concrete that is highly flowable and resists segregation. It is the perfect product to use for creating concrete countertops.

Jeff Girard
Feb 19, 2012
The Science of Concrete Mixes

Concrete coming out of a chute.Using a little bit of research, a dash of cunning and a lot of experimentation, developing your own mix designs can save you from many decorative concrete pitfalls.

Christina Camara
Mar 12, 2008
Finding the Beauty in Simple Gray Concrete

Simple gray concrete in a hall at the University of Oregon adds to the design aesthetic of the space.There’s something about its weight. There’s something about its economy of purpose, its honesty, and sometimes, its beauty. There’s just something about natural gray concrete. And the longer I’ve been in the decorative concrete field, with options for coloring systems ever increasing, the more I’ve come to appreciate it.

Mike Miller
Aug 6, 2009
Artisan in Concrete: Dominick Cardone, The Concrete Impressionist Inc., Brooklyn, N.Y.

Starting a business is a challenging process no matter what the circumstances.

Kelly O'Brien
Jan 7, 2011
Secrets to Maintaining Concrete Color Consistency in Large Integral Installations

The most important thing with maintaining good color across a large job is consistency. From the obvious factors (color, admixture and water-to-cement ratios, temperature, humidity) to the less-tangible ones (soil type and moisture content of the subgrade, amount of time the concrete and color spend in the mixer, slump at the time of placement), document everything thoroughly and keep it the same from batch to batch.

Jan 1, 2011
Remaking Rocketown

A Nashville youth center gets a  decorative concrete makeover as part of  the 2011 Concrete Decor Show & Spring Training

Emily Dixon
Apr 9, 2011