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ACI Decorative Concrete Award Goes to Ryerson Student Learning Centre

ACI Decorative Concrete Award Goes to Ryerson Student Learning CentreThe international architectural and design community recognizes the Ryerson Student Learning Centre as one of the leading educational structures constructed in the last five years. Located at the busy northeast corner of Yonge and Gould streets in a trendy part of downtown Toronto.

Rick Yelton
Feb 9, 2018
Self-Leveling Concrete Toppings Provide a Shortcut to a Sharp Look

Self-Leveling Concrete Toppings Provide a Shortcut to a Sharp LookYou've seen concrete interior floors in such bad shape that your first thought was to rip them out and start over. But there’s an easier approach. Self-leveling toppings or overlayments can be poured over concrete surfaces you didn’t think were salvageable, saving time and money.

David Searls
Feb 5, 2018
Put silica dust plan in writing

Put silica dust plan in writingIt’s probably not an attitude shared by everyone, but Tom Martin, job site safety director for Diama-Shield LLC in Troy, Michigan, believes OSHA is there to help contractors.

K. Schipper
How Do Concrete Stamping Contractors Handle Maintenance

Sealing a stamped concrete slab with an O logo from Ohio State acrylic stained in red.Throughout my years as a contractor, we made it mandatory at the end of each project to send a care sheet with the final bill and receipt. In this care sheet we included the following information on formal letterhead:

Jason Geiser
Dec 31, 2011
Indoor and Outdoor Radiant Heating for Concrete

Radiant heat elements for a concrete slab to help with snowmelt.Snowmelt technology is, essentially, radiant heat applied to outdoor surfaces. There are few differences between the two heating techniques, and both can be used to heat low- or high-mass concrete surfaces to melt ice and snow, keeping surfaces safe and clear of icy accumulations.

John Vastyan
Aug 9, 2004
Artisan in Concrete: Jim Vermillion, Concrete Polishing & Artistic Staining of Alaska

Decorative concrete by Jim Vermillion - Concrete Decor

Gail Elber
10 Business Tips to Help Your Concrete Business Be More Successful

The Makeover at the Charlotte Rescue Mission

The notion that decorative concrete can change lives might seem like a bold idea, but it has never been so apparent than at the Charlotte Rescue Mission, the recipient of this year’s community makeover courtesy of the Concrete Decor Show.

Emily Dixon
Managing Slack is a Business Fundamental

Slacking man on concrete stenciling jobThere is a big hairy monster lurking around your business. He’s not easy to detect and he has a real nasty habit of stealing from you. The monster I speak of is called “slack.”

Jacob Webb
Sep 4, 2012
How to Choose a Concrete Casting Surface

Corian concrete casting surfaces.

Jeremy French
Use Underpainting Principles to Make Colors Shine on a Concrete Canvas

Images on concrete can start from a puddle of water on concreteHow is a puddle of water like a colored concrete slab?

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Aug 9, 2011
Decorative Concrete Hall Of Fame: The 2013 Inductees

The Decorative Concrete Hall of Fame is pleased to honor its inductees for 2013: Ralph Gasser, Bill Stegmeier, Barbara Sargent and Byron Klemaske II. The Hall of Fame announced the group at the 2013 Concrete Decor Show.

Feb 27, 2013
Decorative Concrete Tips: Marbleizing Cast-in-Place Concrete Countertops

How to make concrete look like marble, beautiful marble look concrete countertopThe trick is to let the material set with an open (mag trowelled) surface for about one hour for a standard one and one half inch thick top (Temp. dependent), this allows the Polymer to tighten up and lose some of its stickiness.

Marshall Hoskins
Apr 1, 2002
Dana Boyer, ConcretiZen: Turning Art Into Concrete Profit

Geometric concrete creates a 3 dimensional affect on this driveway.Boyer is the owner of ConcretiZen, based in Apache Junction, Ariz. She does it all — art pieces, driveways, pool decks, countertops, floors. She takes residential and commercial jobs, coloring, texturing, stamping, polishing, sandblasting or engraving concrete.

Christina Camara
Jun 4, 2004
Border Tools and Designs

Classic Native American patterns, wild horses, tropical fish: today's border-stamp makers are living on the edge.

Sue Marquette Poremba
Jun 17, 2007
Using Concrete Antiquing Systems with Multiple Color Options

Concrete Antiquing Systems - Welcome to the new age of antiquing stamped concrete. When it comes to antiquing and/or providing accent colors on stamped concrete, installers today have more options than ever. Welcome to the new age of antiquing stamped concrete. When it comes to antiquing and/or providing accent colors on stamped concrete, installers today have more options than ever.

Chris Sullivan
Never Neglect Personal Safety Gear on a Concrete Construction Job Site

Personal protection importance from silica dust on a concrete construction job site. Photo courtesy of @thepinktoxinsThe concrete has cured for at least 28 days, the surface has been cleaned thoroughly, and the contractor is ready to start applying the acid stain. Or, is he? Did he prepare to do the job safely? Is he wearing the proper personal protection?

Tammy Fulton
Jul 8, 2001
How Contractors Handle Maintenance

Stamped concrete patio in need of maintenance.Picking the right sealer. Teaching the client. Selling a plan. Contractors have several ways to make sure their projects — their calling cards — stay maintained, durable and looking great.

Amy Johnson
Jul 8, 2010
Epoxy Terrazzo: Elegance & Choice

Using epoxy instead of cement opens up all kinds of new possibilities for terrazzo floors.

Amy Johnson
Jun 19, 2008
J&M Lifestyles, Randolph, N.J.

With a history in decorative concrete stretching back to the 1930s, J&M Lifestyles brings generations of experience and expertise to all of its projects.

Erin F. Ansley
Mar 12, 2008
Two Ways to Get Radiant Heat

Have you come across clients who are considering polished, stamped or stained concrete flooring, but who hesitate because concrete is a naturally cold surface?

Greg Jazwinski
Feb 11, 2011